ɫֱ’s has an ambitious goal of 100% sports participation and commitment to be: 

"Fit in the HEAD, fit in the HEART and fit in the BODY" 

We offer a variety of codes and sporting options played at different levels, there really is something for everyone – regardless of age, experience or skill level.

We expect our students to commit to College sport before any other club or team. 

For Results & Draws - see and choose SPORT and TEAM if you wish to view just ɫֱ's information, or check each of ɫֱ's sporting codes webpages for further information.

For comprehensive information on all sport including uniforms, sports calendar, equipment, roles, and responsibilities, please refer to our College Sports Handbook.

If you would like to join our teams as coaches or managers, or volunteer to help out our sports teams, please make contact.

Dave McDermott, Director of Sport

ɫֱ's College Sporting Expectations & Values

Sporting Expectations

  • Resilience: we are mentally tough and physically fit; we can work through adversity
  • Discipline: we are in control of our emotions when playing/watching sport
  • Communication: we are prepared and have good communication
  • Competitive: we are always trying our best when representing ɫֱ's College

Our Values:

  • Commitment: we finish what we ɫֱ
  • Passion: we compete to our best ability in every game, on every play
  • Courage: we are proud of our College, our uniform, equipment and team
  • Brotherhood: we commit to our College before outside teams
  • Responsibility: we are organised and on time with the correct equipment