The Learning Support Department has successfully been running a dual support system using a New Zealand based licenced online programme and a structured reading program to provide students with excellent support to climb the literacy ladder confidently. We have had promising and positive results from this since its implementation.

The Leader of Learning Support and Teacher Aides work together to enhance and support students identified with diverse needs. The department has been restructured recently to work in sync with the Pastoral Department and the Careers & Futures Department.

Based on the support needed and the information shared by parents, caregivers and in-school testing, the Learning Support Department has implemented programs to support and help students with identified needs. Literacy enhancement programs run throughout the year and an army of accomplished and dedicated volunteers assist with the implementation of these programs. It includes a team of teachers, judges, barristers, lawyers, journalists, writers, who give up their time to assist our young men to enhance their literacy skills and widen their knowledge of the 'word' and 'context'. Our volunteers bring with them a wealth of knowledge and a heart of service to the ɫֱ's Community. 

Student Transitions

A special transition team looks after all the new students and parents of students with special needs are encouraged to engage in transition talks with their primary/intermediate school SENCO's to initiate a transition meeting as soon as their son's enrollment is accepted. This will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis due to end of year student tracking and our college end of term 4 closure date. The Dean of Transition coordinates with Learning Support & Pastoral Departments. 

Ministry of Education (MOE)

The learning support department relies heavily on specific data from the ongoing E-ASTTLE Writing tests and PAT (Progressive Achievement Test) Reading Comprehension tests as well as, student attendance, pastoral, health, teacher, and parent information. This helps the department liaise with the Ministry of Education for ongoing teacher aide support for students needing extra assistance. Dual Language learners with English as a second language also benefit from this assistance if needed. 

Resource Teachers for Learning & Behaviour (RTLB)

The college works in sync with the RTLB Cluster 7 Group for additional assistance to test students identified with learning difficulties that were not identified by the previous school, or students not having any prior learning enhancement interventions. Referrals are made to the RTLB with parental consent for students identified with learning or behaviour needs and a plan of action is structured with strategies to work at home and at school ensuring the best for our young men. 

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.