Mission Statement: The ɫֱ’s Graduate 

“The ɫֱ’s graduate will be qualified, inquisitive and innovative. He will have a strong Christian moral compass based on the College Catholic and Marist tradition.” 

ɫֱ’s will have an environment of academic excellence underpinned by sound pastoral care programmes. 

ɫֱ’s recognises the emphasis on personalised learning and differentiated pathways to achieve individual goals.


The Mission Statement makes it clear that the College’s purpose is the development of the whole person in all aspects of academic and pastoral care within a strong Catholic, Marist framework. 

All students are empowered to learn and achieve to their own levels of personal excellence. The Mission Statement places the onus on the College to ensure an environment of innovation, enquiry, participation, professional standards and facilities management that encourages students and families to embrace ɫֱ’s College.

Catholic Marist culture and ethos are at the heart of all growth and development from which the school draws its life, vision and mission. ɫֱ’s will maintain a safe, orderly environment in which learning is the major focus. 

Established in 1903, the motto of the College is:

"Confortare Esto Vir", "Take Courage, Be a Man"

This is as relevant today as it was over a century ago.