Pastoral Support at ɫֱ's College 

Our Pastoral Support at ɫֱ's College aims to provide a safety net for all students from Years 7 to Year 13. We work on a Triage System that banks on the support of Pastoral, Health and Learning Support.

The Triage System (CRISP) is outlined below: 

  • C: Crisis intervention when needed
  • R: Referrals to support providers for mentoring and intense support as needed
  • I: Implementing support programmes to encourage and build student engagement & life skills 
  • S: Strengthening the partnership between the home, College and student
  • P: Providing ongoing support for students experiencing emotional, social and personal difficulties

ɫֱ's College Pastoral Care Team

Mr Mika Taito, Deputy Headmaster – Pastoral & Operations
Mr Matt Toua, Dean Student Welfare
Mr Ronan Jebb, Leader of Learning Support
Ms Shahrane'e Fa'avae, School Counsellor

We also have counsellors and social workers who come to the College to provide pastoral support for students as well as a school nurse, mind coach and dental services. See below for more information.

Registered Nurse on Site

Our Registered Nurse on site:

  • Provides health services to all students (including mental and social support) 
  • Does a full HEADS assessment of all Year 9 students 
  • Facilitates immunisations for Year 7/8 students (permission slips are sent home) 
  • Provides referrals to health / social agencies 
  • Creates management plans for students with chronic health needs

Learning Centre Coordinator 

The College, through the support of the Learning Centre Coordinator and the Ministry of Education, provides the vital teacher aide support needed to bridge the gaps in students' learning and academic ability.

In order for the College to fully support your son, parents are encouraged to send the necessary information in advance, before the ɫֱ of the academic year. This includes mid-year school reports, RTLB support reports, and special reports for students with diverse needs ie. Educational Psychologist Reports / Pediatric Reports / Medical and any other reports at the time of enrolment. This helps the Learning Centre Coordinator to organise a transition meeting for students with high needs/special needs.

For any further information or queries, you can contact Mr Ronan Jebb, Leader of Learning Support. 

Mind Coach

This is a referral-based free school service, which is a Ministry of Health initiative, enlisting the services of a reputed external service provider to schools. This is available one day a week for students who would benefit from using this free service. No walk-ins are allowed as it is a referral-based service coordinated through Matt Toua, Dean Student Welfare.

The Mind Coach:

  • Provides assessment and treatment for individuals who need help with any issues affecting their life such as stress, anxiety, depression, loss and grief
  • Supports with addiction and abuse 
  • Assists with management of long term health conditions which could trigger anxiety and depression
  • Offers family support

All sessions are confidential and professionally conducted by a Ministry of Health school-based psychologist during school hours for students identified with a need through a referral process. The College works with a dedicated Ministry of Health psychologist from FreshMinds.

Lumino Dental Checkup

FREE dental checkup for students occur at school, once a year, during school time. The consent slip must be signed by a parent/guardian at the time of enrolment.

Pastoral Care Promise

As part of the wider Pastoral Care team, we provide holistic care for your son within our Catholic Marist special character. All information shared between the Pastoral Care & Health team and students is private and confidential.